my hero, Mindy Kaling (I'll also accept Kelly Kapoor)

A lifelong lover of television, I've had many a love affair and hero worship with characters, but never have I ever (wait, is this a drinking game? ...) felt so connected to any of them as I have with Kelly Kapoor.  And in turn, because Mindy herself says the character is "an exaggerated version of what the writers think of her," I am connected to Mindy.  Yes.  I mean, how many times have friends and family made it a point to compare me to her?  Literally like a dozen.  Heck, maybe even a baker's dozen.  We are one in the same.  My number one goal in life right now is to make this girl my BFF for realzies.  So if anyone has the hook-up, let me know.

One of the greatest presents I got for Christmas this year was a copy of her play Matt & Ben.  It was the first present I opened this past Christmas season and I'm not lying when I said I gasped, moments of stunned silence, and then teared up (not unlike Kelly's reaction to Jim getting her a Twilight poster for xmas).  How lovely is this woman?  Many look at her and just see an Indian woman obsessed with the superficial pop glitz & glam, but I see that and MORE.  So much more, you guys.  She, like, gets the world.  You know?  She realizes that all of us are just obsessed with the pop and glam and trying to hold onto anything happy (and sparkly) in this sick, sad world.  So don't get down on her for loving pop culture, at least homegirl is happy.  I mean, right?  Obviously.  I'm sure she gives a shit about good will and charity - I mean TONS of celebrities are the faces of charities so I'm sure she does - helping the enviornment and junk is SO in right now.  I know in my heart that Mindy (/Kelly) is a good person.  I just wish she knew the potential she has to be my platonic life partner and my best friend forever.  I just want to share half a BFF heart necklace with her.  Do you think she'd think it was creepy if she got a gold half heart on a chain with BE / FRI written on it from me?  Please advise.  

ANNNNNNNYYYYYWAAAAAY -- all this just to say.  Hey, readers, here's some Rhianna facts - Mindy is my hero.  And I believe, in this world or the next, we will meet and maybe get friendship bracelets. 

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