sweet weekend and potatoes.

Sweet Potato Fries 
My mister and I love sweet potatoes to the extreme.  I am not a big fan of fries in general but I absolutely adore sweet potato fries!  And so does he.  I've always wanted to try and make my own, considering most restaurants where I am don't offer sweet potato fries as an alternative so I rarely eat them.  If you like cooking, I'm sure you already know this but sweet potato fries are SO easy to make.

I looked at recipes during the day but once I got home in the evening after procuring some sweet taters, I didn't even look at any and just did what I thought would work.  All you do is skin and cut up some sweet potatoes (I did three and it was way more than enough for the two of us -- but nice so we could enjoy some the next day, too!) - make the strips of potato about 1/4 inch thick-ish, toss em in a bowl, use just enough olive oil to lightly coat them, toss in whatever seasoning you'd like, I also tossed in some sea salt, line them up on a baking sheet and toss them in an oven (450∘) and bake them for 20 or so minutes, flipping once halfway if you'd like.  I couldn't figure out how to flip halfway without burning myself (trust me, I would've) so I just let them bake on one side the whole time and they were fine.  Also - my oven gets SUPER hot so some ovens might require 30 minutes instead of 20.  They were delicious!!!  So so so good.  We ate so many straight away instead of even waiting for the rest our our supper to finish cooking!  And the next day for lunch I just turned back on the oven, put the rest on a baking sheet and popped them in for about 10 minutes and they were lovely again!

So yeah, as someone that needs to cook more, I was pretty proud of myself that I actually made these and they actually turned out amazing.  Yay!

Other than that, my weekend was filled with watching Weeds on instant, porch sitting, thunderstorm watching, dog cuddling, and writing my two weeks notice (which I turned in today!  yay!  I'm officially going to be unemployed on April 22nd - then it's packing, moving, and finding new work in my futureland!  I'm a combination of nervous/excited - like 27/73% respectively!).  I was uber nervous to turn in my actual notice to Linda (immediate supervisor) because I love her more than words and hate to leave her, even though she knew it was coming and was just waiting for the day, but everyone at work was so excited for me today when I announced what I was doing (Linda was the only one that knew previously) so it made me happy that everyone was so happy for me.  Very happy.

Anywho ... that's all, folks! 



  1. Aw yay! I hope you're able to find a new job soon, but not so soon that you don't get to enjoy being lazy for a little while. :)

  2. Too bad the funds will run out for lazy and then I gotta get some work! But I will be excited for this little breather. Now if only moving were easy and stress-free. HA!

    PS - Isn't it weird that I'm moving? I mean, think back to all our convos in the summer - you heard all my boy woes, and now THIS. Sometimes I can't get over how life changes! COME VISIT US IN NC!!!!

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  4. I've been cooking quite a bit lately, and it's been quiiiite and adventure. There were some tears spilled over empanadas going awry.
    But these fries sound super good! I'll have to try them. Thanks for the tips :)

    I hope packing is going well! Super excited for you!