8 Weeks: Week Four - Loving Yourself

Okay, so I missed last week.  Here's my excuse... I was packing up the last of stuff in Kentucky, partying with 30+ family members in celebration of my Gramps being 90, getting home late Sunday night and spending the rest of the week unpacking/organizing, and then going to Mister's old apartment and packing up the last of his things.   We finally FINALLY have all of our things here (BOTH OF US), and I'm slowly getting the rest of his things unpacked and organized, while staying on top of laundry and meals.  I will be so happy once I've unpacked the very last box.  I might have a celebration just for that box.  I should also note here, that with every item we've packed, moved, hauled, whatever our decision to stay put for a while was made stronger.  While we aren't 100% sure right now, we are very strongly leaning towards staying in this little rental house until the end of the year -- originally we were going to try and find something by the end of summer and move again, but we are both just so physically and mentally exhausted from moving every single day for the past month. 
Annnnnnnnnnnd... back on track!
The topic last week was Healthy Eating.  Something I used to be not so great at, but honestly I've been doing so well with it in the past month.  I've said in previous posts that our location alone makes healthy eating not only super easy but eating UNhealthy really really hard.  What I mean by this is there are no fast food restaurants conveniently near by, the town is super "crunchy" (aka "buy local!" and catering to organic foods), and so as long as the two of us make our major shopping trip a smart one, we try to only buy good-for-us foods.  I've been cooking A LOT.  Which was one of my own personal summer goals and it's been pretty awesome.   Aside from our road trip food stops that weren't always as healthy as they could be, we've eaten really decent colorful meals and haven't had too many gross things.  We've been taking our vitamins, drinking our smoothies (remember how I told you the Mcakes Way of the Smoothie a couple months ago), laying off the soda a bit (I'd be lying if I said completely - ha!  maybe someday), eating lots of greens, etc.  So yay!

And noooooooow --- this week is Loving Yourself.  Probably will be one of the harder ones for me.  I have a lot of insecurities, especially where my looks are concerned.  I've gained bit of weight on my small frame in the past year (at first it was extremely depressed weight, and then it 180∘turned to being so stupidly happy and going on unhealthy eating dates weight), but whatever the reason, the extra pounds add extra insecurities.  I usually don't talk about my personal body-image insecurities online so it might seem like I don't have them, but I do.  Coming up with goals was hard for me.  But, here goes:

  1. Make a list of 5 things I like about my body.  Either write them down or speak them out loud to myself.  Go over this list every day for the week.
  2. Put on "real" clothes everyday.  Some days I don't leave the house, and I'm doing household chores and unpacking so I like to stay in my sweats.  I need to make the effort every day to put on clothes even when I don't leave.  When I look decent and presentable, I feel 100 times better about myself.
  3. Stop with the negative comments (thinking and saying them) about myself.  I think a lot of people are familiar with this, I know I get on people when I hear them say things about themselves, but I never do it for me.  I need to not be so hard on myself.  Odds are, whatever I'm criticizing about my body isn't actually as bad as I think it is.

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  1. I HATE moving! So glad you're done with all of that. Perhaps now you can get back to GTalking?? :)

    I hate talking about body issues online as well, but I do love your goals.