I'm afraid life down here has made me rather hermit-like.  No more smart phone means I hardly look at my (super cheap with limited plan) phone anymore.  It wouldn't matter much anyway because it's really hard to get a good signal in the house.  I usually have to go on the front porch at least, if not walk around in the yard to find a good strength.  I'm not complaining though -- it's been pretty nice to "unplug" and not be distracted by the cyberworld constantly.  I don't get on the actual computer that much either, in fact it's days in between. 

Life has been lovely.  I found some work for the summer -- I will be working at an organic farm picking berries.  It's a turn from what I'm used to but a welcome one -- I want to get outside and enjoy my days here.  Speaking of enjoying days... we spent the entire weekend doing wedding activities for some of mister's friends.  Friday there was a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, Saturday was the rehearsal and dinner, and then Sunday was the event.  It was a busy weekend but very fun.  I got to meet a lot of his friends from high school and they were super lovely.  I talked to so many interesting and lovely people.  We had a blast. 

I've been filling up my days with household chores (I never scoffed at homemakers before because I know keeping the house is hard work, but I do have a new-found appreciation for them) and taking breaks in the sun or watching something on Netflix or Hulu Plus (highly recommend just getting the two of those and ditching cable all together! plus your first month of Netflix and your first week of Hulu Plus are free! ... much better than dealing with cable or satellite companies with their "deals" for a while and then jacking up prices sky high).

I suppose that's it for a catch-up.  Prepare for a deluge of posts from me.  Now that I have some more time for the computer I'll be posting a storm.

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  1. Do you like Hulu Plus, then? I'm thinking once I move to San Diego I will not have money for cable or anything like that. Blah. So it's time to explore some options haha.