8 Weeks: Week Two - Fitness

I'm a little late with this because I was traveling all Sunday evening and then running on very little sleep yesterday while unloading my truck, another truck, and a small trailer full of things from Kentucky.  I've been a whirlwind of steam cleaning everything that is stationary, washing every pot, pan, & dish, and organizing all our stuff.  I really did give away, donate, or throw out so many clothes and other miscellaneous items but it feels like I still have entirely too many things.

But anyway -- this week the goals are related to FITNESS!  Oi vey!  Oh how fitness and I loathe each other most days.  I suppose it is a good thing that I must make some fitness goals this week!  I accomplished all my goals last week, too -- look at me go.

So here goes:
  1.  Walk Rory outside everyday.  There are some interesting roads around our house and I need to get out and explore.  Exercise while I learn my way around, plus the pup could use some exercise too!
  2. Buy a new yoga mat and look into yoga classes in my new town!  Someone told me there was an excellent instructor in town so I definitely want to check that out so I can get back into yoga and incorporate it into my life again.
  3. Stop drinking Diet Coke/Pepsi at least for the week and definitely before noon.  It's so gross when I think about it.  I need to stick to water, coffee, yerba mate, and green tea.  Hopefully this goal will translate to stop drinking soda all together, but I'll tackle that longterm goal as it comes.


In other news--  I've had a most fortunate experience moving thus far.  The universe has been very good to Mister and me to say the least.  Nothing but good signs everywhere letting us know that we are definitely making the right decision.  I hope we continue to be this fortunate -- we have been so grateful for our luck so far!

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