8 Weeks: Week Six - Home Sweet Home [plus a home picture/update]

Naturally, I missed a week.  Last week was busy, then the weekend hit which was even busier, and so on and so forth... blahblahblah.  Week Five was Loving Life & Having Fun, I believe.  I think it's okay that I missed last week because I am totally loving life right now anyway! :)  But here we go onto this week -- Home Sweet Home.  Easy peasy to come up with goals since we just moved into our little rental house.  I've been losing steam when it comes to organizing and decorating the last things and places because we've been unpacking forever.  Hopefully these goals will help that process along and give me a second wind.

  1. Frame pictures/posters and put them up on walls.  And to add to this, finish putting up pictures that already have frames.  All the walls in the house, except for the great room, are pretty much bare.  Not pretty.  
  2. Find a duvet cover for our master bedroom.  We have new sheets, now we need a new duvet.  Not having one is killing me.  It makes the bedroom look incomplete to the max.
  3. Buy a few more bins, label them, and start using them for the recycling.  We have kind of mandatory recycling here, which is fine by me -- housewife and I loved to recycle.  What I mean by that is, we don't have trash or recycling pick-up out here (oh how spoiled I was on Oak Street!). Maybe they have it in the city limits?  Not sure.  But we have to transport our trash & recyclables to the recycling center.  When you take stuff there, you HAVE to separate things out (including a separate bin for kitty litter!) to dispose of it.  Before, I just piled all the recyclables into a few big bins and set them out on the street and they magically disappeared every Wednesday morning - no sortin', no nothin'.  Well, our recycling gets backed uuuuuuup because we don't have enough bins to hold all the stuff for one week and I'm tired of using part of our counter as empty bottle/can/jug/container storage until our next trip to the center.  So bins & labels to organize recycling it is!  
Here's a picture of part of the inside of the house.  The bookshelves on the lower level of the loft.  We are fortunate to have tons of built-ins upstairs and down.  For two English people, this is awesome... we actually have bookshelves NOT filled with books!  The lower loft level is our "office" with the big writing desk, computer, reading corner, craft closet, record player and fiction and poetry section of books.  The upper loft is our "guest bedroom" with a double bed and way more bookshelves filled with CDs, reference books, school books, yearbooks, and anthologies - up here is where we have bookshelves unused!  Once everything is put away and decorated a bit more I will take some pictures -- I just found my camera(s) from the move!  Finally.

The coloring is weird so it may be hard to tell.  My books are sorted by color, aside from my "favorite series" shelf in the middle, LOTR, HP, THG, etc.  (ha!)  Mister's books are sorted by genre.  This explains our personalities.  And we still have some strays that need to find homes.  The bottom middle shelf holds records and a decorative screen I received as a gift in Hong Kong.

Hopefully more (better quality too -- I snapped this one really quickly before the battery died, now to find the charger! ha) pictures in the near future.


  1. Very cool! Nice to see a picture of your new place. So jealous you have tons of bookshelves!

  2. i love that flooring and your arrangement of books! <3