birthday (stockings) & libraries. and flags?

we jumped from bed yesterday and headed to the local community college to check out the track they have.  it was pretty darn awesome.  we had a great walk and enjoyed seeing the college, lots-o-nature, and most importantly the library.  here, check it...

the library is fairly new and GORGEOUS.  definitely our new favorite place and a check mark for the PRO side of the ongoing list in our head for staying in this town or not.  right now, I'm adding some songs to our shuffle and going to head on over to the track again and then go get a library card.  I'm stoked.  can't wait to find a book and cuddle up in front of one of the huge windows and read after I get a couple miles in on the track.
Penny laid on the scrap fabric bag & watched me sew.

today is a good day.

also, it's Mister's birthday.  (and Flag Day.)  I got him lots of little gifts that he will open tonight. I also sewed up a Birthday Stocking (ya know, like the kind you hang from the fireplace on Christmas) and filled it with some stocking stuffers.  this sounds weird, but my guy LOVES Christmas, so I wanted to give him a bit of Christmas cheer on his summer birthday.  he was pretty darn excited when he saw the birthday stocking.  if I ever get a sewing machine (my WISH, because hand sewing even the littlest of projects is kind of not fun and takes forever) I will make a better birthday stocking and maybe we can start a tradition of sorts for ourselves.  down below is a photo of the stocking sitting on the mantle.  I whipped it together super quick, didn't draw out a pattern or anything so it's awkward AND by the time I finished I was over it and didn't even put a loop on it so it could hang.  so it plops instead, lifeless & flat.  he didn't care that it didn't hang though, so we're good.

BIRTHDAY stocking filled with treats & toys.

okay, okay, okay.  now I'm off.  busy day. 
to the track, to the library,
to the store to pick up the birthday (ice cream) cake
and ingredients for supper. 

happy FLAG DAY, to you yanks!

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  1. What a pretty library! Ours is not cute and full of hobos. Actually, now that I think of it, it's actually closed down because of the big Easter earthquake last year and will reopen in what used to be a crappy mall... Lame.

    Anyway, what a cute idea of bringing a bit of Christmas to your mister's birthday! I bet you got many girlfriend points for that. :D