theatre. the "re" kind, not the "er"

Let's get personal for a minute, shall we?  I love theatre.  It is one of my most favorite things on this planet.  I was involved in theatre in high school (drama nerds are my favorite people, most of my most favorite people from high school did drama with me) and I was involved with a local community theatre forever.  And right now...  Well, right now I just really really really miss it.  

Summertime for my (well, not anymore) local theatre meant outdoor plays at the barn.  [Side note:  the barn is and forever shall be one of my most beloved places on Earth.]  There is nothing like watching theatre outside in the beautiful Kentucky farm country under the stars.  Nothing.  We always did one Shakespeare play and then usually another play (a musical) on alternating performance weekends.

I like all the aspects.  I started out acting in plays, but found that I loved taking off one play a year from acting (I usually averaged 3, sometimes 4, a year)  to get involved in another part:  assistant directing, stage managing, costumes, lighting, sound, dressing (if you don't know what a dresser is, they are some of the most vital people backstage when you have a lot of quick changes!), and probably my favorite - hair & make-up.

Performing in theatre was one of the best things for me ever.  Growing up I was crazy shy, and still to this day have some issues being in front of large groups of people (I prefer smaller groups).  Acting is the best thing for this and I recommend it to anyone that has stage fright issues in any aspect of life.  It helps you gain so much confidence and it's WAY easier to get up in front of dozens, hundreds, thousands (though I've only ever done thousands once) if you are playing a part.  Even now, if I find myself getting too nervous about something new or teaching in the classroom or presenting at conferences, I just pretend I'm playing a role and then it is so much easier.  Another reason why it was the best thing is because I met the best people.  I will go to my grave thinking theatre people are the best kinds.  I've met people with such open hearts, kind faces, wonderful talents, and so much zest and love for life.  They've helped me grow so much as a person.

So, I suppose this is just a nostalgic post.  I really need to find a community theatre to get involved in - if only backstage things.  I love it.  Maybe that should have been a summer goal for me.  Maybe I'll make it one right now. 



  1. Hi! I just ran into your blog :)
    I love theatre too, I got involved with a summer camp theatre program when I was about 9 maybe? it was so fun, and I did up until I was about 12. I stopped because my friend told me they weren't doing the camp anymore and told me the woman who ran it retired..buttt I later realized she never did :(
    sorry for the super long comment, I hope you don't think I'ma weirdo :P haha

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  2. AH! I love this post! Love seeing all the "theatre-related" photos. :)

    When I was in the sixth grade, Michael and I were in The Music Man. It was SUCH a fun experience. The public high school I went to my senior year had an awesome theatre program. I would've joined it had I gone there my freshman year.