Cleaning Pyrex 101
Mister and I darted out of bed early today and went to work.  We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned our little hearts out.  We knew that his dad would be here later today (he told us afternoon) but it wasn't so much for him, Lord knows he's seen the house in the worst state it's been in and he doesn't care, as it was for us.  This weekend is our FIRST since moving here that we have absolutely nowhere to go, no one staying with us, no extra animals to babysit, no obligations.  We can finally have a weekend to relax and do nothing if we choose, and it will be the last in a while too -- our summer is busy (we're not complaining though!).  So we decided to cleancleanclean today (and a good thing too -- because his dad showed up at noon instead [way earlier than we thought], right as we were finishing) so we don't have to clean this weekend.  ALSO - we got some bins from the dollar store on our way home from the recycling center this morning -- our recycling at home is organized: plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, etc... we got it.  One of my 8 Weeks goals is complete.  Awesome.


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