I have a cat.  Her name is Penny.  She's just divine.  I've always considered myself a "cat person" if I absolutely had to choose.  Really I'm just an "animal person."  But Penny if my first animal that has been all "mine" -- ya dig?  She's going to be 4 soon.  I can't believe we've been best friends for so long now.  I've known her since the day she was born and I'm so glad she is mine.  She's not always nice.  Not to say that she is mean exactly, but she's pretty picky about when she wants attention and just how much affection she'll let you give her.  If she's not feelin' it, she'll let you know.  I respect that.  She's been through a lot with me and I know change isn't really easy for cats so I would definitely say she's been a trooper with all the moves we've made over the years.  I'm really happy to say that now she seems like she's doing extremely well.  The last changes in our lives have really suited her.  She just seems better, happier, more lively, fun.  I just adore her.

Now, now.  All these words for a silly sassycat?  Lame.  Maybe just because these past two days I've had extra quality time with her so I felt like writing about her a little.  Who knows.  Maybe she's controlling my mind and making me write things about her on the internet.  Cats have great powers, you see.  You can see it in their eyes when they stare at you.  The kind of stare that just unnerves you, like they are looking into your soul.  Cats are creepy.  Maybe that's why I love them.

Anywho -- off to clean and read (almost finished one library book and then onto another!) and then skype with best friendlies and prepare for a seafood cookout with the musicmakin' boys (mister & his bff are recording music all day every day this week -- I only see them for meals & the occasional tv episode, typical). 

Happy week to you!  Whether you are or aren't a cat person. ;)

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