countdowns are terrifying sometimes.

We have no internet for a few days!  Eeep.  What is it about this day in time that when you are without internet you feel just incredibly isolated -- even when you really aren't?!  Since we don't have cable/satelite this also means no TV because we use Netflix/HuluPlus!  Oh brave new world! 

Anyway.  My friendlie Cara-Mia just made her blog super cute.  You should go look at it.  She's good with the internet.  I need to buckle down and learn the internet like her!  Also - she made a button outta my face!  She is nice!  I will make her teach me how to make buttons.  In the meantime, she made one for her own blog which I put

(er, somewhere over there, you may have to look down depending on where this post ends up on the page.)

But I need to start putting up buttons because they are cute and nice and fun.  CM's is the only one I got so far but when I get internet at my house again I will work on that.

I'm not TOO terribly sad about no internet for days (we are switching providers) because it will be back up and running when we return from Florida.  And we leave for Florida on Sunday.  So... yeah.

I just want to say though... I'm on the internet at the library and they make you sign in with your card number and all that, but then you only get 180 minutes on the computer.  I say ONLY 180 because there is this countdown timer thing that stays at the top of the screen telling you how much time you have left.  Now 180 minutes is a long time to spend in one sitting on the internet, but the timer just being up there makes me panic.  You know how that feels?  I know I just need enough time to pop on and respond to a few emails and maybe leisurely check blogs, but that doesn't take 180 minutes.  Suddenly I'm panicking though.  What if it DOES take me 180 minutes?  What happens when the minutes are up?  I'm at 163 right now.  OH no!  Does someone in a scary uniform come and take me away?!  Do I get a stern talking to for trying to go over the 180 minutes?  Do they revoke my library card for a week?  Surely not!  I can't live without my library card.  I go here almost every day. 

Enough with the dramatics -- I'm sure all that will happen will be that I have to login again with my card number and name and then I will get 180 more minutes unless there is a queue to use the computers (which there isn't).  But isn't it funny how just a timer counting down seconds and minutes suddenly makes you panic?  Weird.

Sans internet - I've stormed through two books in the past two days.  So I'm going to get more.  BOOK SUGGESTIONS ANYONE?  I tend to just go to the recommended section and see what the librarians think you should read.  So far the choices have been pretty good.  I think I'm going to use my remaining 159 minutes to find some "Summer Reading" posts on blogs or something and get suggestions.

TA TA!!!

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  1. I'm not so good with the internet, really, it's just that I read up some tutorials yesterday and bought a premium Picnik account. I can make buttons for you if you'd like, though! I really could. Just let me know. Thanks for putting mine up. Very nice of you. :)

    What two books did you just read? I'm thinking of rereading The Hunger Games since one of my friends just got into them due to my pestering.