On our Sunday evening walk, I made Mister stop talking (don't worry, we finished the conversation later) and said, "shh!  Do you hear that?  It sounds like a cat or something?"  Sure enough, after back-tracking a few steps, he found it.  A tiny kitten.  Crying and crying.  I jumped into the ditch and plucked her out of the thicket hissing and swiping at me.  The poor thing was so small and scared.  I cradled her in my cutoff sweatshirt and we asked the neighbors if they were missing a kitten.  After a reply of "no" we turned around and headed home.  We decided to keep the kitten.  Over the next two days, I cleaned her up, fed her (watered down kitten chow and supplementing with a bottle & formula - she doesn't look even 6 weeks yet), cuddled her, played with her, and introduced her to the other pets - Rory LOVES her, she loves Rory - Penny HATES her, she loves Penny.  Maybe Pen will come around.  And maybe not.  Oh, we also named her.  Naming her was the hardest part.  I wanted to name her something that represented her and something that was cute.  Mister wanted to name her something "hilarious" although he and I disagree on what is "hilarious" for a kitten name. ;)  Thicket was almost her name, since we found her in brambles.  Sunday, was her name for almost a day because we found her on a Sunday.  But Flea (or, as M says "Fleas") stuck.  She's about the size of one, jumps around like one, and she was covered in them until I bathed her (TWICE) and picked and plucked all the fleas off of her.  We compromised and found it both "cute," "fitting," and "hilarious."

So here she is -- meet Flea(s).  She's a pistol.

We love her a lot already.  It's so fun to watch her pounce, scamper, and play.  She runs after Rory, our 90lb dog, Rory licks or sniffs her then jumps to play with her, which makes Fleas scared and puff up and hiss -- it's so cute.

Oh, and side note -- if you don't follow me on google+ or twitter, you may not know, but I cut a foot off my hair.  It's super short now (and I might even go shorter later!).


  1. a) That kitten is SO EFFIN CUTE. And that's an adorable name.
    2) Your hair is cuter than your kitten.

  2. Cute cat, but what I REALLY love and think is cute is your hair!! It is truly fabulous! I want to bob mine again, but am letting it grow out since I think that'll make it easier when I'm trying to pick a wedding hairdo. But right after that, I'll probably chop it.

  3. Ooooh she's SO cute!! Congrats on the new addition to your family! :)

    And I'm new to your blog so I haven't scrolled down far enough to see what your hair used to look like, but that's a super cute haircut! :)

  4. Thanks girls!

    And Carrie -- I don't know if there are any pictures on this blog of what it looked like right before I cut it. But I would describe it as a waist-length rat's nest. It was long, wavy, and unmanagable (I was considering dreds... maybe). I hated brushing it so it was almost always put up. This hairstyle is easier --- my hair waves naturally so I just put in a few sculpted curls around the face and done.