On Sundays we go kayaking.  It's so very lovely to live near a big lake.  
Here are pictures from this morning.
kayaks on Troy (my car)
there were a few other kayakers out there with us
but overall the lake was pretty quiet
kayaks are the best because you can get so close to the wildlife.
(we saw 2 bald eagles this time, too!)
we see a lot of blue herons when we are out there.
it's neat to watch them catch fish or fly away.
we kayaked up into a little cove to the right.

we dropped anchor to enjoy the stillness and read.
Mister is reading Moby Dick.
I'm still on East of Eden.
after sitting there for a while you start to think you have the place to yourself.
and it's awesome.

we'll probably make kayaking on Sundays our weekend routine. 
it's too nice not to.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I'm beyond happy you're reading East of Eden still. I started rereading it on my trip and forgot just HOW WONDERFUL it truly is. I also bought Journal of a Novel while I was there, which was the journal/letters he wrote while writing East of Eden. Reading that next.:)