mouse ears.

We've been going going going lately and we've been fortunate to have some great experiences.  Just this morning we said goodbye to two of my dear friends, Lauren & Cecilia.  They came and stayed a long weekend with us.  It was lovely to catch up with them -- talking, eating good food, lounging in the pool, and being lazy watching television.  I'm very thankful that I got to see them and hope to see them again soon.   But before they came over we were in Florida visiting Mister's mom, hanging by the beach, going to the Kennedy Space Center (more on that tomorrow), and... as you've probably guessed -- going to the most magical place on Earth -- DISNEY WORLD!  

Enough with the talk, here are a few of the pictures I took...

outside the Magic Kingdom

the coolest mice on the planet

Alice outside the Teacups.

Mister with our Mickey treats
I got a new charm for my bracelet

It was a most magical day for sure.  I got some Minnie Mouse ears and wore them the whole day while at the park.  Unfortunately due to time & money we only got to explore one park so we chose Magic Kingdom (as if there was any other choice when you have to choose just one).  Of course this means we are going back as soon as possible to hit up all the parks -- shooting for October to be specific so we can celebrate my birthday and attend the Wine And Food Festival.  

Even though it was just one day and one park, it was still a m a z i n g.  A place where no one cares that adults walk around dressed like kids with spontaneous music numbers in the streets and everyone is happier than anywhere else?  This is where I want to be always.  I've worn my Minnie ears many times since we tore our eyes away from that shining magical castle that night.  We rode Splash Mountain 4 times (we got stuck on it for 20 minutes the last time & got free fast passes for our trouble).  In Frontierland I was pulled into a musical performance and danced and clapped and smiled and laughed.  We rode the monorail around and toured the pretty hotels.  We had dinner at Wilderness Lodge.  And we got to see so many tiny princesses walking around the park that had visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique -- so jealous of them!  I totally wanted to have my own fairy godmother make me into a princess.  It was just lovely.  So so so thankful for that experience.

next time, I'm buying a balloon!

If you have the chance to go to Disney World, you should.  If you've visited many times, that's awesome!  I hope to be a regular Disney goer in the future. 

See ya real soon!


  1. This looks so fun! I've only been to regular Disney Land twice, but it is pretty fun. :)

  2. Eep! So many tears.
    Lovely pictures!!