The main reason we are traveling back to the Bluegrass State in a couple of days is to see one of my absolute dearest friends get married.  I'm pretty darn excited to see her on her big day!  We've been through tons of ups & downs together and I'm happy to celebrate this amazing UP in her life.

Lo is an amazingly funny woman.  When you are around her you literally cannot stop laughing.  She is the sweetest & cutest.  We used to take ridiculous amounts of pictures together.  Often staging "scenes" and creating "photo challenges." 

One time we went out for sushi & set up the camera and just posed repeatedly like we were having a witty conversation.  I don't even want to know what the people in Whole Foods thought of us. 

I can't wait to see her so soon!  And hopefully steal her away one of the days I'm there to go grab some sushi & pose for photos.  Yay for LO!  I love her.

*these pictures are years old now. I would like to note that my style of glasses hasn't changed one bit.  my current ones look almost exactly like the ones I'm wearing in these pics.  odd.


  1. haha I LOVE IT! omg i cant wait to see you... please get your party pants ironed and ready!

  2. I can't decide between my MC HAMMER Party Pants or my 80s Leggings Party Pants with matching Party Leg Warmers. I have them both on standby... I'll just go with the flow on that day.

    Can't wait!

  3. oh you might have to have both.

    i think my fav photo challenge was at Katie Williams house... so many props...i really rocked the shit out of those drums that night. Knock, Knock...orange....GET IT!

  4. I looked for those pics! They aren't on my computer but I think I have them saved on my old Facebook account... only I've forgotten the email/password to get into it. I need to figure it out & reactivate it for the sole purpose of saving ALL those pictures and then just deactivating it again.