autumn and other natural disasters.

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but it's cooling off where we are and we couldn't be more thankful.  Both of us are itching for autumn to make its grand entrance into 2011.  Lately we've been able to keep the windows open and the AC off during the day and on today's morning run it was actually COLD.  Fantastic!

The slightly cooler weather sent me upstairs into the craft closet to organize/sort out all the yarn & tools we have.  I knit, John crochets - and never the twain shall meet.  ;)

I popped on a bad romantic comedy and whipped up a little earwarmer headband with a bow.  Simple & practical.  It didn't take any time at all to knit and I had it finished before Sigourney Weaver & Jamie Lee Curtis were hugging in the pool (can you guess which bad romcom I watched?!).

Here it is!

If you don't wanna wear it yourself, it also will fit on your favorite monster*.

Clearly Rory loves wearing it!
I can't wait until it's cool enough outside to wear.  Right now if you keep it on too long you get too hot and then your world becomes sepia and your face has expressions all its own.

If you leave it on monsters too long they get scared and make this face...

Anywho!  Did you hear about the earthquake?!  Of course you did!  It's the 21st century -- everyone was tweetin' about it.  We live a little over 2 hours away from the epicenter so we got a good little shake.  It scared the cats!  Penny came running down the stairs looking confused & scared and Fleas starting hissing at the rattling glasses.  It was cute!  And now we're onto our next natural disaster - Hurricane Irene.  Irene is supposed to pour down on us Saturday which means bad storms for us, which means the power will go out, because the power always goes out during a storm, which means we will set out all our candles & flashlights accordingly.

Yeah... ready for summer to be over now.  Bring on the fall!!!

*no monsters were harmed during the making of this post.

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  1. Hahah I LOVE You Again. I'm a big Kristen Bell fan, though, so that could be why. I also think Jamie Lee Curtis is hilarious.

    And as for our weather, it is definitely NOT cooling off. It was 116 today and will be 116 tomorrow, too. GROSS.

    I cannot believe all the coverage the earthquake got! I really feel like our 7.2 didn't even get half that attention even though it was felt very far and lasted much longer. But I understand it must be SUPER scary to people that are not used to it.

    That hurricane is scary business. Hope you will be safe. :(

    P.S. Cute knitting project.