of pigs + art.

We went to our friend's 2nd Annual Pig Pickin Jubilee on Saturday. I did bring my camera, but I left it in the car which was parked far away. We went over there early (they live <5mins from us) to help them set up (poor Kelly [1/2 of the husband/wife hosts] was sick!) and oh gosh, was it ever hot. It had stormed really bad in the morning but cleared up beautifully, leaving us with blue skies and air so thick you could cut it with a knife. By the time people started showing up we all had a nice shiny coat of sweat. The good thing about living so close, after a couple hours we ran home to check on animals and change clothes! The pig pickin was a success though! So much fun was had by all. I am a little sad that I didn't get my camera out at all, but there were so many people there with fancy cameras taking pictures so I'm sure I'll be able to get my hands on some digital memories in the near future. John ate some of the pig, because, yes, there was a whole pig on display, and deemed it delicious. Rhianna did not eat the pig and stuck with the 3 different kinds of coleslaw to be had on the side dish table. Rhianna made lots of new friends and loved socializing with everyone. John entertained everyone with some tuneage at the open mic stand (highlights include playing while a sick Kelly [such a trooper! she gets 1,000 gold stars!] sang "Sally Ann" and playing the guitar for a 9 year old boy that sang "Soul Sister"). John and Rhianna both wanted to steal a precocious and adorable 4year old boy named Ethan. It was a wonderful hot & fun day.

Sunday we had our first meal out since our month long experiment! We actually went back to the local restaurant where we had our last meal out on July 4th. We like to do things full circle. The restaurant we chose also doubles as an art gallery for local artists and we happened to be sitting in front of some paintings while an art reception was going on in another part of the restaurant. People kept walking up to our table, standing uncomfortably close beside us, to look at the paintings. Once our appetizer came it got a bit too weird for us - joking that we should hand write a sign on our table "Young Adults Eating - living art by John & Rhianna" - so we asked to be moved one table over (by the windows, not the paintings). We laughed as the young hostess ended up sitting (& eventually moving) 3 more couples at that table. Obviously she didn't get that the people coming for the food instead of the art didn't like to be treated as art. Oh well.

We ended our weekend on a fun note...

...with a marathon of The OC. We settled in with our three animal babies and watched pretty people resolve superficial conflicts with a good punch in the face or drug overdose. ;) We adore teen melodrama in our house.

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  1. Aw sounds like a fun time! I laughed at the "living art" part.

    I miss the O.C. At least the first two seasons of it.