around our home. [elephants]

Our house has a lot of "us" around.  What I mean by that is, we aren't minimalists in design.  As much as I long for that perfect Danish Modern sofa or sleek lines, it'll never happen in our home.  Cozy and (organized) cluttered - that's the way we go.  Our furniture is lived in and squishy, we have tons of quilts & pillows around, and our shelves are filled with various decorations & knickknacks that show our interests & personality.  I've almost completely come to terms with it.  I still lust after minimal designs with just pops of color I see in interior design blogs but I know in my heart that I'll just have to admire them from afar.

Every few weeks I'll share some things from around our home.  The first set is one that says something about me (Rhianna).  I like elephants.  Strike that -- I love elephants.  [I may or may not even still sleep with an old stuffed one occasionally.]  After a few seconds in our home you will see that there are tons of elephants.  I've snapped some photos of a few.  I didn't feel like photographing all of them, but there are more - on napkins, trays, glasses, clothing, etc. 

don't remember where I got him. he lives on a shelf in our bedroom.

left necklace from J.Crew -- right necklace, thrift find & gift from Cecilia

an elephant print my friend Lindsay made

wooden carved candle holder & one piece stone carved elephant with an elephant inside

elephant teapot.

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  1. Love it!! I love seeing what others collect.

    I too love beautiful minimal spaces, but know it is not for me. I just love knick-knacks far too much. I even have a hard time sticking to a color scheme! But I'm going to try to make at least my future kitchen stick to one... we'll see how it goes.