scrabble at city tap.

We love words.  We love word games.  So it's kind of a tragedy that we don't have a Scrabble set in our house.  (I think both of us lost our Scrabble games from moving from childhood homes over the years.)  Luckily the local bar in our town, City Tap, has a set - so we go to the bar to PLAY!  (And have a drink or two while we bust out some high-point words!) I won't mention who almost always wins -- no one likes that. 

City Tap is lovely.  It's our only real bar in our town but it's fun!  They have weird photographs on the walls, local art displayed, and crazy fun lamps & statues scattered around.  Plus an amazing outdoor area.  It's a nice way to spend an afternoon.

As for now -- we've been preparing for Irene.  Fortunately we won't get anything more than crazy windy storms, but for us that still means power outages.  We've moved all the outside stuff to safe places, parked our cars in the field, and made sure all the flashlights have batteries & there's plenty of candles scattered around.  I hope those that are on the coast are prepared and safe! 


  1. What a cool bar!! Scrabble + drinking = fun.

    I'm so glad to hear you won't be hit too hard, but I still hope you'll be safe.

  2. I love Scrabble too! My boyfriend and I have played SO many times this summer...you guys need to get a game for yourselves! Looks like fun playing at the restaurant though!

  3. C-M -- yeah... it's not been bad here at all! Thank goodness. CRAZY winds but we only lost power for a tiny bit before it came back on again!

    Laura -- too true... we need a set! But it is nice having an excuse to hang out in town & people watch while we play.