Last night we were sitting around the house and then John asked if I wanted to go somewhere.  I said "sure!"  But I had no idea what to do.  He suggested coffee.  I loved the idea.  We were out of coffee in the house & weren't going to the grocery store til the next day so we hopped in the car and went to town.

We wanted to try out one coffee shop/cafe that we hadn't been to yet, but it was closed.  So then we walked down the street and saw that the other coffee shop had already closed.  Walked a little more towards the Soda Shoppe and we had just missed the time, it had closed 20 minutes earlier -- the lights were still on & people were still inside, teasing us.  Our coffee run was turning out to be nothing more than an evening drive into our tiny, quiet town.  But as we were heading back home we drove by the General Store and, thank goodness, the General Store is almost always open!  So we parked & went in.  The best thing about changing our plans to this locale, not only did we get our coffee & some Boylan's (our favorite maker of gingerale & other sodas!) but they also have Locopops at the General Store!  One of my favorite things about living in the Triangle is getting to eat a nice tasty locopop.  And they had Strawberries & Cream -- my favorite!

We decided to sit outside and enjoy our drinks & pops.  It was nice.  The temperature, the time of day, the town, everything made for a pleasant evening.  It was very relaxing to sit and people watch while we could see the stores on the main street slowly, one-by-one turn out their lights for closing time.  I'm so glad the General Store was open.  Our coffee run turned out perfect.


  1. I love when our plans get messed up but then turn out for the better. :)

    PS I could people watch all day and be perfectly happy! ;)

  2. I love your posts about your little town. Love love love it. :)