quick update.

Our blog has been blank for a good while now.  To put it plainly ... John and I have had the worst weeks possible.  I fully intend to make a post called "John and Rhianna and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week" and I will.  Just to document for us this time in our lives.  It's been one for the books.

The post will include the following:  sickness (John's already put a post about that, though), a car wreck (not our fault & no one was injured... except our car. major), personal & work problems for both of us (I probably won't blog about that aspect, but they are underlying stresses), animal woes (moody cats ahoy!), no internet (for a whole week! eek!), and that time I tried to poach an egg and slipped and fell in the kitchen and my foot was kind of just dangling off my leg and I broke both my tibia and fibula and my ankle only moved sideways and we both freaked out and somehow got to a hospital. SHEW. say that in one breath!  So yes.  I ended up breaking my tibia (the bigger of the leg bones) really badly at the ankle - a whole chunk of bone was severed.  And I ALSO broke my fibula (smaller of the leg bones) at the ankle.  Making one "Clumsy Girl" post for the ages!

Oh readers, if you're out there.  It's been challenging for us.  Our nerves are basically shot, we're stressed to the max, frustrated with too many other things to mention.  As I type everything out I can't help but laugh at everything.  I've used the phrase "parody of a tragedy" lately to describe our situation.  It fits.  But a big post soon - with sweet pics of my broken self & my new ride -- Black Beauty, my wheelchair.

I would like to say that, John and I are probably stronger than ever as a couple though.  In a way, it's nice that all this bad stuff has piled on us at once pretty early into our relationship.  It's allowed us to learn more about how each of us deal with things and learn how to help each other in extremely stressful situations.  We're making it through and we're doing okay.  The phrase "livin' on love" sums us up right now.  And maybe a desperate plea or prayer to the gods now and then.  I should also note that we have an amazing set of family and friends that have reached out to help and lift our spirits.  We're thankful.

Hey... it could be worse :)

I hope you're doing well out there in cyber land!  It's still uncomfortable for me to be sitting at the computer for long (and we only have a desktop, not laptop), so my computer time is going to be limited to short spurts.  I'm slowly trying to catch up on social networking & all that jazz.


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  1. Oh no! I'm SO sorry to hear all this crap has piled up on you two! I cannot believe so many things happened in such a short span of time. :( I hope things look up soon. Keep us posted.