it doesn't hurt me to hold my leg up anymore! yay!
The picture to the right is me, and my cast, and my blue toes wearing China Glaze's "For Audrey" in case anyone is interested.

Quick little update to show you my newest cast.  I went to the doctor last Friday for the first visit since surgery.  They took my splint and wrappings off and I got a first look at my incisions.  The one on the left side is about 4 inches long, the right side is smaller, maybe 2 inches?  Apparently they "look great!" but my leg and foot just look shriveled and sickly to me.  Oh well.  Originally after surgery they were going to put me in another splint instead of a cast, but one of the places where they had to put screws was apparently too small and they only fit 1 in where they wanted 2, so the doc & my George doctor (did I mention an intern, like on Grey's, is the doc that talks to me most?  I call him my George doctor) say into the cast I go again for 2 more weeks just to give my ankle extra security. Then I (hopefully, fingers crossed) get to wear a boot for another couple of weeks & start physical therapy to help move my ankle around even though I still won't be able to put weight on it and will be stuck with my dumb crutches and or my noble steed wheelchair.

In other news, we finally got our car back from after the wreck -- it's good as new now!  So that's a relief.  I got out of the house for the first time (not to a medical practice) and went grocery shopping with Black Beauty.  It went okay, but my foot swelled up a bunch so that's not fun.  More lying on the couch with it propped up most of the time.  It's killing me, this sitting around business.  But my mommy came to visit this weekend which was lovely and we watched all of the SCREAM movies and I ate a bunch of dark chocolate so my spirits were lifted for the moment. 

Anywayyyyyyy -- John said my last post seemed sad.  I'm sorry if it seemed sad, I did not mean for it to at all.  I have tons to be thankful for and happy about.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad at times, but things could always be worse.  Hopefully this post didn't sound sad.  Although, my picture probably looks a bit sad - personal appearance has kind of fallen by the wayside for me as of late... oh well!


  1. i love you, boo. keep that chin up. i'm gonna come visit you soon!

  2. Too bad about the cast, but I am glad your car is fixed! Things are looking up, lady! :)