2012. ahhhhhhhhh.

Hello there!  It's been so quiet on our blog.  John's the only one that has even thought about blogging - props to him.  He actually wrote a post about the Golden Globes the other night but he doesn't wanna post it.  Sorry.

I hope your holiday season was merry & bright!  We absolutely loved ours!  Over the holidays we got to spend our first Christmas together (we had just started dating last Christmas season but were not together for Christmas festivities).  It was so wonderful.  We spent time in Kentucky with my family for Christmas Eve & Day and then we headed over to Ohio to spend time with John's family the week after.  We were completely spoiled with gifts and love.  Although - our animals probably made out the best... so very spoiled are they.   It was so nice to be able to spend time with friends too!  I didn't want to leave after our time was over, almost entirely because of the pretty people we got to see.  But leave we did and headed back to our little country home in North Carolina for the New Year!  We headed over to some of our friends house and celebrated with two other couples by having a Harry Potter marathon during NYE day, then at night we walked across the street to their neighbors HUGE NYE party and ate and ate and ate and socialized with them.  John and I put on our dancing shoes and danced with some of the women there in the kitchen (how very The Big Chill of us... I put a link because I feel like that reference is lost on most.) to oldies on iPods.  We may have embarrassed our friends that were there with us!  Oops...

Life around here is wonderful!  We've completely cleaned & organized our house after putting away decorations.  We started P90X for exercising (I've already lost 5lbs & John's lost more than that!) and we absolutely hate it.  And by hate it I mean we love doing it and love the results so far and how we feel but we hate how dang tired & sore we are.  ;)  We've also kicked all our bad eating/drinking habits and have been eating super healthy.  We did this back in July and loved how we felt so we're doing it again.  Homemade over take out, water & tea (decaf for me, I cut out caffeine in November) over soda & alcohol.  John keeps exclaiming how productive he now is and I love that I don't need to nap anymore to make it through the evening.  I've also been calculating every calorie for the past couple weeks using an app on my new iPhone...

My big Christmas gift this year was an iPhone 4S.  It's so lovely!  I had a 3G up until April then I kicked the smartphone habit for months and months until now.  While the thought of being always connected to things still kinda gives me the skeevies, I still love this phone and am glad to have an iPhone again since the camera is better than my old point & shoot AND I can keep my music with me since my old iPod is basically on life support.  Speaking of music and pictures... here have some iPhone pictures of life lately.

Prepare for a dump.  Which may be redundant if you follow me on twitter, tumblr, or instagram.  Sorry!

Well... that's it for this post!  John will type something up for you next time.



  1. If that Golden Globes blog isn't posted, I'm going to attempt suicide.

  2. he's going to work on it and then post it later! we don't want you to die, we don't know what we'll do without our favorite movie/tv/craft buddy!