this district smells like rat piss, my name is katniss.

So everyone knows Lana Del Rey is blowing up.  Months ago I think every single blogger that I follow had flooded my reader with her Video Games video.  I listened to the song, I thought it was okay.  I could see why people liked it because it was retro-y, the homemade-ness of the video was fun, & it was different, but I listened to some of her other songs and didn't like them that much at all.  But I shared the VG video with John and he liked it alright too, then we made the mistake of watching her Saturday Night Live performance and haven't been able to take her seriously since.  Frequently I will sing like her when John starts to play Skyrim "go play your videoooo gaaaaaame."  You get it.  Yeahyeahyeah.  Basically what I'm saying, we are pretty indifferent towards this internet sensation and I still don't really get Miss LDR but who am I to judge... I bought Ashlee Simpson's first CD the day it came out back in '04, so you see where I'm coming from.

Anywho -- made the point of LDR & Video Games... not a fan.  (someone online said "she sounds like a person making fun of someone trying to sing seriously" and I kinda agree)  BUT!  Then this gem came along and I love it!  I love it so hard.

Because boys & girls, in our house we do LOVE The Hunger Games and are impatiently waiting for the movie next month.  Holly Laurent, you are so fun & lovely & thanks for making a parody of this song for The Hunger Games


  1. I'd never listened to Lana Del Rey - nor had I ever seen her video until I read this. I *did* read an interesting article defending her against the "indie crowd that loves to hate her" because she once attempted a Jessica Simpson-esque pop career as Lizzy Grant, but it didn't work out. So, take two, change your name, face, song writers, stylist, and voila! Off to the Grammys with you! Bang! Zoom! I do really like the song "Video Games" but Lana Del Rey is (literally and figuratively) plastic as hell. If you want a white girl soulful voice that writes her own music, check out "The Way it Is" by Nicole Atkins. <-- Did I do that? (Urkel voice, slightly embarrassed that I am half drunk and angry at Lana Del Rey for something that doesn't matter.)
    p.s. did anyone else feel embarrassed for her watching her *attempt* to move her collagen extravaganza mouth in that video?

  2. Wait, so they hate her or love her? I assumed they loved her based on her Internet popularity. I like the song Video Games but I wish someone else was singing it - if that makes sense. Her voice sounds off to me in a weird way and I think it sounds comical. VG was the first song I heard and when I went to check out her other songs none of them sounded like it so I was disappointed. But, yeah-- don't watch her perform VG on SNL... it was awful and will ruin how you hear that song after that. Ha!