blogging. (a Rhianna post)

Like a lot of internet-y people, I've been blogging for many a year.  Most of my earlier online journals were "friends only" and it wasn't really until I started my tumblr account that I started posting things publicly.  I kept livejournals from 2003-2007, and then I switched to a blogger account in 2007.  I could cry now that I can't even figure out how to get back into my old livejournals (not to mention that my first ever I deleted... sob!) because I'm sure they are filled with the most delicious whiny garbage.  BUT!  I can get into my first blogger account because I still have the same email I used for it.  I kept that (private, friends-only) journal Fluctuat Nec Mergitur as I called it from 2007 - 2009.  And then at the end of 2009 I started exclusively using Tumblr before making another blogger account -- Rhianna Brooke.  And then of course, started this John + Rhianna blog where I imported all the posts from RB (so they're all basically one blog).  So that's the background on my blogging journey.  Anyway, I was reading some of my old entries from my first blogger account, FNM, and decided to go ahead and import all those old posts onto this blog too so I'd have them all in one place.  I deleted about 1/4 of the posts because they contained things I don't want out in the open on a public blog, and the rest of them are really scattered entries -- super random, mostly lists -- because it was a private blog and only a handful of people that I knew read the posts and, like always, I kinda blog just for me so I have some memories.  I did not import the comments since it was a private blog.  Now when you are looking at the J+R archive it goes all the way back to 2007, but just know, the archive contains posts from three different blogs, from three very different Rhiannas. 

It's nice to look back every now and then, but these days I'm focused on moving forward and the adventures yet to come.  I have a love hate relationship with blogging, putting thoughts on the internet makes you very vulnerable, but I'm to a point in my life where I don't feel a need to make things "private" and I am comfortable (enough) with the things that happened, and completely content with my present, so we'll keep this open now. 

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  1. I deleted my old LiveJournal and kind of regret it. :( That's awesome you can still get into your old blog though. :)

    1. Isn't it heartbreaking? I deleted my very first livejournal account (I had two) and I wish I hadn't... I can't remember how to get into the second one -- but that's probably a good thing anyway. It's so strange to read posts from my old (blogger) blog -- I sound so young... and very annoying. But you live & learn, right?