summer skin.

So let me get girly here for a bit.  I've been getting way more into skincare & make-up lately.  Skincare because I'm not gettin' any younger ;) but make-up because it's just plain fun.  Here are some things my face (er, and body) love.

Well do this left to right.. the usual.

1.  So LUSH makes cosmetics now and it's probably the greatest thing in the world.  I sampled some things the other day but only ended up buying the Believe lip color... but trust me, I wanted it ALL & I'm going back for more soon.  This color is a great coral-ish pink and you can put it on as light or heavy as you want, it lasts so long (I hardly have to retouch during the day), and you can use it as a blush too -- which I do... every day.  It feels good on your lips.  As if I needed another reason to love this brand.

2.  I'm pretty lazy when it comes to finding out about make-up (particularly foundation) and skin care products.  This and the next product are here because of THIS GIRL... she's a fellow ginger and a make-up guru, I get lost in her videos.  I love that she has very similar coloring to me so I just try out whatever looks good on her -- it usually works.  In her everyday foundation video, she recommended this.  I bought some of this BB Cream off Amazon and it. is. awesome.  The Koreans have skincare down.  This is now all I use on my face for foundation.  It looks amazing, it smells amazing, it feels amazing.

3.  Paula's Choice has changed my skin.  I use several of her products now and have been for months.  I basically copied Ashley once again, with a few changes to fit my specific needs.  Pictured is the cleanser and it's pretty great.

4.  I wear Vanillary every single day and have been for a while.  I prefer LUSH's perfumes in the solids and this is hands-down my favorite scent.  I love it because I can wear it everyday, day & night, and it works.  Plus it's super duper cheap. :)

Skincare essentials.  Lovin' it lately.

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  1. I am loving Lush's lipstick! I got Believe and Ambition, but want so many more!