wknd update.

I forgot to do a thankful list on Friday.  I found myself entirely too busy.  John's mom flew in to visit with us on Friday (she's still here, too! flying out tomorrow) and we've been having fun with her.  Topping my thankful list last week probably would've been FAMILY -- it's so nice when we have family over to visit.  It makes me feel even more content.  We had a wonderfully quiet weekend filled with a Farmer's Market trip, Pretty Little Liars marathon (John's mom just started getting into it & asked if we could watch -- OF COURSE I said yes!), a bit of thrifting, games of Bananagrams, naps during the storms, and just having lots of long, amazing talks.  It's been pretty great.  Lauren also sent me a picture of a sweet letter her niece Stella wrote me -- she also has audio of Stella writing the letters.  Oh how I love that girl -- I'm thankful for her too!

1.  John tries to cheat at Banagrams, if someone else calls Bananas first, he just puts his letters down and says he had Bananas too.  Notice how he only has one real word - denial.  Seems appropriate ;)
2.  I had a glass of champagne this weekend while we PLL marathoned.  In a Hello Kitty glass no less.
3.  I've never fallen in love with a couch before, but this one at the thrift store made my heart ache.  A hideous cream & green crushed velvet sectional -- already claimed.  John and I tried super hard to get the guys to let us buy it instead.  Our friends probably would've disowned us for putting it in our house though.
4.  One of the two Stella letters:  "Rhianna, Will you please come see we're (our) garden? And please bring your dog?"

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! (And is it wrong that I love that couch, too?)