Our landlord asked us to feed the cows for a few days.  There's only seven of them in the pasture.  When he first put this group in they were much smaller, so it's been fun to see them grow.  They are super curious about Rory and she likes to play with them along the fence.  It's fun living with cows.  I'll be sad when this particularly fiesty group leaves, but it's always fun when he (our landlord) brings in another group of babies.

In other news, our neighbors bought a few chicks a few weeks ago.  They are growing pretty fast too.  When we were out feeding the cows one evening our neighbor boy (starting fourth grade this week!) proudly showed us how he takes care of his chicks at night.  I only got this one blurry picture because they were scrambling around the coop.  It will be so fun when the chicks get a little bigger because then they will just roam around our yards.  Our old neighbors had a bunch of chickens, roosters, & turkeys, so I've missed having them dawdle around the yard.  I especially miss the turkeys, maybe I can convince our neighbors to get a couple.  Can't wait to have more chickens around again though... fresh eggs!

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