random friday.

Instead of a thankful list, I'll give you a random list.  Here is my week in sentences.

+John and I were reunited after a weekend apart and we celebrated by buying a laptop and The Prince of Egypt at Walmart.  TPoE was only $2.96 and I was way more excited about that than a laptop.  I kept exclaiming my excitement and singing the Mariah/Whitney song.  Don't worry I watched the movie right away, before we even opened up the box containing the computer.  Priorities.

+I drank a ridiculous amount of water (super ridiculous!) and did jumping jacks to get my blood flowing so I could get some blood drawn for labs.  I have really crappy veins so I have to work really hard to not have a horrible experience with giving blood/getting IVs.  My preparation worked!  But then I promptly passed out and laid on a dirty floor for a while.  Success?

+John's friend Pete arrived Wednesday night to visit with us for a few days.  His sense of humor is the best ever.  He has a special OhioHorses.com license plate that has a horse's head on it and it just says "HEY."  Hey-larious.

+We called a spade a spade and just went out to dinner last night at our favorite restaurant in town...  For the third time this week.  Lazy.  (But.  Delicious.)

+It's Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday!  If I were a mom of young children I would want the Fierce Fab to be my babysitters... they are so darn cute.  I found some old pictures, so that's what that is up top.  It's from a play I did 5+ years ago called The Miracle Worker and I played Annie Sullivan, teaching Helen Keller how to spell/say/know "water."  I'm a big deal.

Happy Friday!

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