Today we're going back to my (Rhianna) hometown in Kentucky. I haven't been back there since Christmas and this is the longest stretch I've ever gone being away from Kentucky, 8 months and some change.  Feels a little weird in a way.  I think for anyone, you expect the place you've left to stay exactly as it was when you left and are always surprised to see that life has moved on and stores have opened and people have grown and all that jazz in your absence.  Does this make sense?  What a strange feeling it is.  But I'm excited to see my parents and my friends and visit the pub that I so often frequented and eat Mexican food and hang out with Stella.   

I used to live on this street, in an old house on the right at the top of that hill.
It's where John & I started our relationship!

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  1. every time i go back to my hometown i get that same strange feeling of having a place be part of me and yet not being part of that place anymore. hope you have a nice visit!

    1. Thanks Rachel! And, yes... it is such a weird feeling, isn't it? I love how you phrased it... "a place be a part of me and yet not being part of that place anymore" --- perfect.