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The blog has been quiet.  Last I updated I talked about us going to Kentucky for Labor Day Weekend.  Since coming home from that long weekend, getting back into the swing of work, unpacking, and getting some new furniture... our house has been a wreck and it's kind of been the state of our minds.  Kentucky was... hmm, how to phrase... eventful?  I won't go into details but I will say this:  next time I go there, I'm not telling anybody, I was stressed out trying to see everyone within a 36 hour period.  I'm so lucky to have a lot of people that I want to see but trying to schedule them in one weekend was a little ridiculous and not relaxing at all.  I felt on-edge the whole time we were there and checking my watch to see when my next visit was does not make for good company.  No one wants to feel like another appointment so it wasn't fair to my friends, family, or me.  There was a lot of stuff I wanted to do but couldn't and some stuff I did that I won't do next time.  Live & learn, right?  Let's get to the good stuff though:  we both made some new friends.  John in particular found a new bff in James -- he's so stoked to hang out with him in the future, hopefully we can make that happen!  We hung out with Stella & Lala, two of my all-time favorite gals.  I got to see a dear friend that I haven't seen in so long & it was so good to catch up with her over some tea one night.  Seeing Leigh and her pregnant belly was so amazing and surreal.  And my parents are doing very well too!

Once we came home we've both been battling allergies (they are SO bad in Kentucky... where we acquired the sniffles) and rearranging furniture... so our living room has been pretty empty & won't be filled until tomorrow (hopefully).  We thought we were going to have a relaxing weekend to catch up and put things back together but I got busy working with horses and we had some unexpected things pop up with friends, so... yeah... this weekend wasn't relaxing either.  I'm hoping that this coming weekend we finally get to spend some time, just the two of us, reacclimating properly, relaxing on our new furniture (fingers crossed!), cooking yummy food, and so on.  It'll be our last weekend together for a bit without a bunch of plans so I'm really looking forward to holing up in our house with just us and the animals.  Let's hope nothing pops up that we have to do or entertain.

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