So there is a scene in the play where I make lemonade and have to cut up some lemons. I cut my finger on the huge knife we used and then I almost passed out. I don't know why, but the sight of my blood just made me sick to my stomach. I tried to go on with my scene after I got it bandaged up but I just got really hot and broke out into a sweat and had to sit down. The other actor on stage was like "um.... she just got really white." So we had to stop again to let me breathe with my head between my legs and they gave me water and made me eat a sugar cookie. Part of the reason why I got that bad was I hadn't eaten that much that day and I didn't have time for supper so the last time I ate was 11am. I guess my blood sugar was just really low and the sight of my blood did me in.

The sad part is, after we started back and continued the very next seen, one of the characters says to my character, "I swear Babe, you're gonna cut yourself with that sharp knife." I did. I'm kinda pathetic.

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