a long update!

My dear dear lovies -- Bonjour!

I've made a life change. I flew down the rabbit hole of high maintenance last night when I went to a hair stylist to get something besides just pesky split-ends whacked off. I am *still* a redhead - don't fret dear Jay - but it is vibrant. I have darker auburn underneath and bright red throughout with a few POPS of strawberry blonde. Basically, I look like I should be the lead singer for some really cute chick band. :) I definitely think I should always have darker hair. Someday I will live out my dream of becoming a brunette once everyone gets over keeping me in this redhead bubble -- I will finally stick up for myself and be like, listen, I'm sorry you're scared of change, but red hair is NOT that great. Besides, the darker hair makes my green eyes stand out more. :)

My hair is still long for the record. I want it waist length so I didn't get any length cut off. I will have long dark red locks and I will rock them so hard. Jeeze, this post is so sassy already. I apologize.

I'll post pictures once I get the internet. Ha. Don't you love that phrase, I seem to be using it too much. I'm using precious work-time right now and risking reprimandings from my boss for typing this to you now.

Before I went into work I visited my dearest Micah at her work and she exclaimed how much thinner I looked and how fabulous my fun hair was! Bless her! I love confidence boosts :) It is nice to know that my efforts to lose weight are actually visible!

Running is probably my favorite thing ever. I can see why people get addicted to it. I still have a loooooong way to go before I call myself a runner, but I have been doing it consistently and it makes me very happy. However, I'm still trying to learn how to breathe whilst running so my voice sounds all husky and scratchy right now because of this problem. (The voice does kinda go with the new hair, though --- sassy!) The first few days I thought my calves were going to fall off and spend much time with the heating pad - and I *am* stretching, just not enough for this poor pathetic girl who is oh-so out of shape. I've been going for short runs in the morning and going for long walks after work. Eventually I would like to reverse this, but slowly children, slowly. Goal is to be able to run in some sort of race. Maybe a 5K in the fall?

I'm going to Michigan this weekend for my favorite baby cousins's high school grad party and I'm pretty excited to wear the dress I bought for the occasion. I live in sun dresses and fun skirts in the summer (only my pesky office management job requires me to dress professionally so it limits my summer wardrobe until after the hours of 5 unless I cardigan it up or wear some of my longer dresses).

In case, I haven't blogged about it yet. I got a fish. Her name is Whitney Houston and she is adorable and fun and playful. I love her so much.

My mother's birthday is coming up and I have the most perfect gift for her this year. It will be the best gift I will ever give her so I am excited. I'm just trying to figure out logistics of getting it to her and surprising her with it. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

In four hours I get to go home. Go for a run/walk. And then drool over Michael Pitt in The Dreamers which Netflix delivered yesterday and I've already watched most of but will probably watch multiple times. Mmm... naked Mike Pitt (I've met him IRL, too! Although, he was wearing clothes) and a naked Eva Green who is just so beautiful -- how could you go wrong?! Jeeze. I feel like this is TMI.

whatever. :)

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