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Do you ever wonder how very differently your life would have turned out had one small thing not happened (or happened, or different decision made, etc)? Today I was thinking about swimming as I was driving to work because I miss summer swim practice and the meets and all that jazz from when I was younger. Swimming was a HUGE part of my life. But it's weird how I almost wasn't a swimmer (as in, year-round, on three competitive teams swimmer).

I was a natural tumbler. I took to gymnastics very fast when I was younger and LOVED it. I was best at tumbling, fairly good at beam, but the uneven bars scared the hell out of me (I still did them anyway). But I loved tumbling and had this amazing coach up in Lexington. I was getting to the age where I was going to have to focus on something because both gymnastics (NOT cheerleading) and swimming took up soooooooo much time you could not do both. And then one day mom said I wasn't going to tumbling because my coach died in a car accident the evening before.

After that, I never wanted to go to another tumbling coach and then I started seriously swimming.

But you know, sometimes I wonder how different I would be if he had not have died. Would I have stuck with gymnastics instead of swimming? And then if I had, I would probably have different groups of friends and my whole lifestyle would have been different. Or maybe it would have been relatively the same. You never know. Sometimes I just wonder.

... in other news. I love the sound of the storm. I love storms. I'm afraid for my cat, though. But I'm sure she's okay just as long as we don't have tornadoes. Sigh. My tornado dreams will probably start up again now. How can you love something so much when you are awake but be so afraid of them in dreams?

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