Monday you can fall apart

I finally went to my parents house yesterday to get alllllllllll my books (it took so many boxes) and some other miscellaneous crap that is currently in my old basement bedroom (now affectionately referred to as, "I wish Rhianna would come get all this crap" room). Unfortunately I could not move my lovely bookshelf by myself so my father is going to deliver it with his trailer sometime this week. 

I had an excellent day in Louisville with Natalie on Saturday. She is so yittle and fun. I must go back there soon and spend more time with her, and hopefully Sarah. Sarah was riding horses with the First Lady (of Kentucky) whilst I was there and couldn't be bothered, lol. :)

Nat convinced me to get the new Conor Oberst album, and I have to say, I quite enjoy it and listened to it the whole way back from the ville. Track number 4 is my faveeeeeeeeee. I think I've listened to it 20 times by now. I'm exaggerating a little.

I'm running the office by myself today and (knock on wood) it has been so nice and quiet. I may even pull my book out that I packed and read a little but I'm afraid as soon as I do that tons of agents and clients will come in and make me work. Pity.

Harry Potter is so soon and it gives me the kinda excitement that makes me wanna pee my pants. Oh my oh my!

I love Miley Cyrus. There. I said it. Out loud. On this blog. Where (hardly) everyone can see it. It's over. I wish she was my friend because we would have fun. I'm a fun girl. Don't try to deny! I was even voted "Most Fun to be Around" in high school. If Miley was in high school I bet she would be, too. The end.


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