opposites attract; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; the opposite of love is indifference

Opposites are fun!

Here are two opposites that I have found in my life lately...

Opposite One:
Yesterday I came home and found Netflix had delivered Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and a documentary on Phillip Pullman and His Dark Materials. I found this to be quite funny that Netflix delivered these on the same day because many people think that the His Dark Materials series is an opposing young adult series to Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. However, I have found that most of the people that believe this have not read one (or both) of the series. I've read both. And I have to say HDM > CoN. And I don't think they are really opposite. One of the "experts" in the documentary said that HDM was like Milton's Paradise Lost turned on its head and from the perspective of Eve (the character of Lyra in HDM). I quite agree. I'll stop now before I wax poetic about HDM and how one of my children will be named Lyra :)

btw... I absolutely love Chronicles of Narnia. My childhood would not have been the same without it. I just happen to love His Dark Materials more because I think it is an awesome "life" story and the best "growing up" story!

Opposite Two:
Yesterday at work I spent my free time researching the Amish, particularly their ordnung and reading about the differences between the sects that are Swiss German speaking and Pennsylvania Dutch speaking. Today at work, I have spent my free time catching up on the news about the girls from The Hills and watching clips of episodes I've never seen (which is a lot, didn't realize the show was as long-running as it is). This is a funny opposite because The Hills and all the people involved live their lives completely different from the Amish.

... I wonder what an opposite of Rhianna would look/sound/act/BE like!

... I think the verb "to be" is a crazy one.

... Also, too... yesterday I caught myself saying "I'm fixin to go to lunch." umm... Kentucky much? ew. But then, I started thinking about the word fix. And if you say it just a couple times over, it does not seem like a valuable word. Try it. Fix... fix... fix... fix... fix... fix... fix... fix.

... Bye.

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