I feel pretty when I wear dresses to work.

I love the kids I babysit for - they are so much fun. I've babysat them for almost a year now and it still trips me out everytime I go to their house. They're an old money family. They live on a beautiful, ginormous horse farm in Paris and I need security codes to get on the property and up to the house. Both kids have their own wings and each have their own big playroom. There is a suite for me above the garage if I want to spend the night there - the suite is almost bigger than my house. It was so random that I got to be their babysitter, but I'm glad I did -- and not because of their wealth, but the kids are seriously the most fun and well behaved kids I've kept for a while. I would say they are privileged but not spoiled. If that makes sense.

I always have a blast when I'm at their house though. It was too cold to swim this past weekend, even though the pool is heated, but the outside temps were too cold. We played on the trampoline a lot and played tag in the side yard and badminton on the back lawn. I made them some supper and we watched Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana (that's three Disney shows rolled into one, if you aren't aware and they are my three favorites! I was so excited!). Afterwards, Trent finished packing for camp (he was leaving the next day) and Lucie and I played beauty shop (her idea) and she gave me a "hair cut," manicure, pedicure, and "pierced my ears." She loved doing it. I just let her use clear sparkly polish on both my fingers and toes, but she like ferrealzies gave me a mani and pedi (she gets them every two weeks, btw and she's only 7). Luc is SO obsessed with pregnancy and having babies. It's terribly funny. I figured she would have grown out of this phase, but she still hasn't.  She also wants me to be a third grade teacher at her school next school year so I can be her teacher AND her babysitter... I love her.

The guy at Starbucks this morning, after looking at my name on my credit card, tried to guess my middle name, when I eventually told him he said that my name sounded famous. I told him I was on my way to fame. :)

My puppy is turning out to be a big sweetheart. I'm so glad she's a nice, sweet dog. Last night when I was outside with her a couple were walking their new puppy - I forgot which breed it was, but it was a small dog breed. I picked Rory up (not going to be able to do that as easily soon!) and took her to meet the puppy. She kept giving the puppy kisses, it was so cute. After a bit the other puppy started to growl at her though! She looked at me when he did that and she looked so hurt. She just wanted to give him kisses. :( But really - she loves people so much and we have some good snuggle time in the mornings. Penny is starting to play with her more and likes her more now, too. Penny is like my BFF and Rory is like my baby. I love them both so much!

I'm running the office by myself today and tomorrow. More money, but more work. I don't know. I hope it's a quiet Monday at least. Tomorrow will be crazy in the office.

I'm ready to go to San Antonio! Have any of you been there before? Suggestions on where to go please! I hear the riverwalk is a must! I love traveling. I'm thankful that I've got to go lots of places in my life.

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