rain music

Can you believe this rain?! I love it today for some reason. I'm normally a big fan of rain and thunderstorms in general, but it seems my view had turned early this summer when that was all we were getting. But the rain today makes me happy. Not entirely because it puts other in a bad mood and I take pleasure in seeing others unhappy. Please know that the last sentence would be marked FALSE if this were a True/False post. ... I'm not that mean. But seriously, I do love this rain today and my appreciation for it today makes me want to tell the me that hated it weeks ago that I was wrong. Rain is wonderful. Everything seems cleaner and fresher after a good summer rain. The grass has been exceptionally greener this year and we are going to have an amazingly beautiful autumn this year with lots and lots of gorgeous colors in the leaves because of all the rain we've had. Rain makes things grow! How silly to think that we don't need rain, it helps the plants grow that we use as food and keeps us alive! I love rain today!

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