random thoughts on a monday y'all!

Hello! I am Rhianna and I'm pretty girly!

But sometimes I wonder... do I like the "girlish" things I like because I really love them or because I've been programed to love them? I don't know. Do you ever think about this? Do I love the colors pink and purple because they are girl colors or do my eyes just naturally gravitate to those because I like them? Do I prefer to wear sundresses and fun skirts whenever possible because I genuinely like them, or because the male-centric society prefers to see women in form fitting, leg & cleavage barring garments? Why do I love doing domestic chores and why do I have to constantly tune out my biological clock that reminds me I want a baby so badly? I don't know. Most of the time I don't care, but sometimes I do. I'd like to think that I really do love these things just because I love them and not because the girly aspects of society have been ingrained in my head from birth. Oh well. Whatevs. Moving right along.

Heading to Texas tomorrow and I've very nervous. Not about traveling or spending time there, I'm looking forward to doing some sight-seeing on my own - most of the time I almost prefer it. But I'm nervous for the One Hour on Wednesday when I have to give a presentation that I'm not entirely prepared for due to my lack of internet and computer access this summer. I'll make it through. I just have to pretend I know what I'm doing. If I take on the role of a young professional I won't be as nervous. A business suit- my costume, the presentation- my script. Acting is waaaaaaay easier than public speaking. :)

In other news - I'm pretty effin glad I haven't had TV (as in haven't had cable or satellite) this summer. I was planning on getting it again when the school year started but I may not. Americans waste so much time watching television. I spent a lot more time reading and going for long walks and runs (either by myself or with my dog), doing craft projects or completing puzzles, working out, baking fun cakes and cookies for people - things that exercise my mind and body. 

Okay. Chew on that. I'm over writing! Later haters!

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