a memory

My best friend my freshmen year of college was a boy named Jason. He alwaysalways called me R. Later on in the year I became close with four girlfriends but Jason was my first best friend down at UNCW - he lived right across the hall from me so we would yell to each other from our rooms. Sadly, I keep in contact more with his on again/off again girlfriend (who he has been dating since way before we met and visited us often at the dub). I would really love to see him and all of my UNCW friends again. I saw Jess and Sara last summer, but haven't seen J, Sarah, or Sam in a loooooong time.

Here's my memory - a favorite.

For my 19th birthday J, Sam(antha), and I were planning a weekend at Myrtle Beach (bout an hour south of school) to stay at Sam's sister's house since Ashley (Sam's sis) was studying abroad in Australia. We went down there, had to break into Ashley's house because Sam forgot her key back at the dorms and had an awesome weekend at the house & beach, eating pancakes for every meal with margaritas to drink for every meal... lol. When we got back J insisted that we drive to this home store. Sam and I drove around waiting for him and then when he called that he was ready to be picked up we drove to the store and J is standing out front waiting for us with a huge potted plant. We were like, "what the heck?!" And J just says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY R! I got you a plant because you love to take care of things!"

I don't know... I was just thinking of getting a big potted plant for my living room and then remembered my 19th birthday. It was a good birthday.

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