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My Top Five Favorite Television Couples

(note: this list - like all favorites - is constantly changing. I made it a point to pick only couples from television shows I watched when they originally aired... so from my time period. And I only chose one couple per show because undoubtedly there would be multiple couples from a few of my fave shows)

The following are listed in no particular order of favorite:

1. Jen & Henry - If you know me at all, I bet you thought my Dawson's Creek pick was going to be Pacey and Joey. But! After my recent marathon of the entire series - which I have at least once a year - I realize that I don't really like Joey with any of the guys, except for maybe Eddie. But that's another story. Jen Lindley is the big bad city girl that slept around and played with drugs early in life and was then shipped to live with Grams in the sleepy town of Capeside. Like Joey Potter, I hated this bitch the first two seasons of the show. Jen was flat out annoying. My turning point for Jen came along her junior year of high school when the MostAdorableEverEver freshmen pays $500 to kiss head-cheerleader Jen. Jen plays Henry Parker for a while and you can see his little heart breaking, it isn't until he ignores her that she goes out on a date with him to the school play where at the after-party he reenacts a scene from Barefoot in the Park that she finally realizes how great he is. Throughout the course of their relationship you see Jen soften and loosen up and just plain have teen angsty fun. Henry was the best thing that happened to her.

2. Ned & Chuck. Pushing Daisies, like most of my favorite television shows, was cancelled waaaaay before it needed to be. If you've not heard of or watched this awesome show, go out and rent it now! Ned and Charlotte Charles (aka Chuck) were childhood sweethearts and shared each other's first kiss. The death of Ned's mother and Chuck's father (caused by Ned accidentally) separates the children for years until Chuck dies and Ned brings her back to life. Just as her minute of life is up and Ned was supposed to make her dead forever by sharing her last kiss, he can't bring himself to do it and Chuck stays alive, in hiding, with Ned the piemaker. Their relationship is terribly heartwrenching because they cannot touch lest Chuck be dead forever again. It is amazing the struggles this couple goes through especially living so close together without physical touch. My heart breaks a little and heaves a sigh everytime they kiss through plastic.

3. Angela & Jordan. Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano. I don't know if there is really anything to say about this couple. My So-Called Life was really the first television show that I connected with. I tried to emulate Angela which just seems plain silly now when you go back and look at the show. So even though from my present eyes, Jordan is kind of dull, albeit superduperpretty, I longed for him just like Angela did - swooning at the way he leaned, the way he closed his eyes so tight, the way he sang his song about his car. Jordan was perfect and everywoman Angela actually dated him. Their short-lived relationship was incredibly dramatic and it forever stayed with me. And while Brian Krakow was the one to write "Jordan's" amazing letter to Angela in the series finale, Jordan will always be the only guy I want Angela to love.

4. Daniel & Kim. Daniel Desario and Kim Kelly had the rockiest of dramatic high school relationships while attending McKinley High School in Freaks and Geeks. They were constantly fighting and breaking up with one another - always trying to make the other jealous, but when it came down to it, they really only loved each other. Eventually they always made up. Daniel came after her and she was there for him when his brief punk phase came to a halt. They really were extremely sweet to one another. These two were passionate. I think that's what I liked so much about them - there was so much passion in their fighting and make-ups.

5. Daria & Trent. I loveloveloveloveloved Daria. My mother and I were slightly obsessed with this show (my mom also shared my obsession with MSCL and DC). Sarcastic loner Daria, with her perfect sister Quinn and her mentally unstable parents, had the biggest crush on her best friend Jane's big brother Trent. Even though she was a cartoon you could totally relate to her when it came to her love life. She always came off as cool and indifferent, always with a witty comeback super fast, until Trent came around and she turned into a blushing, quiet, unsure-of-herself teenage girl. Trent was so cool with his band "Twisted Spiral - butwe'rethinkingofchangingthename" and Daria just melted in front of him. Artsy best friend Jane was always there to tell Daria she was acting like an idiot in front of her brother but she just couldn't help it. It seems that every girl has been there and this couple was great and very real for being 2D characters.

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