Friday Five - Things I'm Currently Diggin'

Hello... any vintage elljay users out there that remember doing "Friday Five"s - you know back in the day when you needed a password to be hip and cool and angsty?! I've decided that this blog is boring. So boring. Who wants to hear me whine and moan about my life? No one... so I'm going to start having themes every day. Fridays will be Friday Five where I pick a topic and discuss my top five in said topic. Mondays will be Memory Monday when I get to reminisce and share one short memory. Wednesdays will be Whatever Wednesday and I will get to rant about things that eventually make me sigh in exasperation and just say, "whateverrrr." All other days - I haven't come up with yet, suggestions are welcome.

So anyways... Friday Five: Things I'm Currently Diggin' ---
1. Amor Amor by Cacharel. This has been my signature scent (if I have such a thing) for a solid year now. It has fruity top notes mixed with some florals and it's just divine. People always ask me what I'm wearing when I have it on and some women I've worked with have even started wearing it. It's pretty darn fab and I think it will continue to be my siggy scent for a while longer. It's an especially great nighttime & fall scent. If you're a chick you should check it out. Or if you're a dude that likes to wear chick perfume.
2. Intense People. I lovelovelove intense people. They are so fun. It's so fun for me to see people get so worked up about something that sometimes I provoke them. I did this in high school to a particular boy who was known for bursts of crazy - maybe it was wrong for me to purposely try and get him to shout, but I genuinely love seeing people so passionate about something. I love having conversations with people and then as soon as you hit a topic that they love they just get so excited you can feel the vibrations around their being change and their face lights up and they are glowing with this intensity just wanting to share with you more information about something they love. I love heated debates when people feel strongly about an issue and go off about it - whether or not I agree with them. Intensity is my favorite. I always want people to be present and in the moment with me and to feeeeeeeel something. Feel anything. The more intense the emotion the more I like it.
3. Netflix. Pretty sure this speaks for itself. Netflix has been my best friend this summer with no internets or TV. But how amazing is this site?! Especially when one lives in a culturally backward town with not the greatest selection of films to watch. I can fill my queue up with tons of things. I've seen amazing documentaries and been flooded with memories of childhood watching DVDs of Avonlea - a television show I loved when I was a wee one. Netflix is a pretty darn phenomenal invention. Thanks Netflix inventors for allowing me to cuddle up and lose myself in celluloid dreams a few hours each evening. :)
4. Nutella. MmmmMmmm. Obviously I'm diggin Nutella because it is the creamy hazelnutty chocolate spread of the gods, but also it makes me very sentimental. My family and I wear very close to a Bosnian family that moved to Richmond after fleeing a refugee camp from the War in Bosnia. My dad helped Zlatgo and Jadranka find work and mom watched Dino and Una (the kids) when their parents went to English class or had weird work hours. Dino and Una were always - I mean, ALWAYS - with us for about two years of my life when I was younger. They were younger than me and looked up to me in a heroic fashion. I loved playing with them so much and cared for them a great deal. A lot of days mom and I would go over to their apartment and help them with different things and I would entertain Dino and Una while mom and Jadranka talked and cooked. Jadranka always would give us snacks with Nutella and that's where I first tasted this goodness. So now Nutella is synonymous with the Dizdarevińás for me and mom. Mom and I just went grocery shopping together the other weekend and when I placed Nutella in my basket she immediately started telling me one of her memories of that family.
5. Walking. I take my dog for a walk every evening and it's one of my favorite times of the day. I come home and fix us both some supper. Hang out for a little bit and then take Rory around the neighborhood. I love being outside and seeing how my new neighborhood changes everyday. There's always new families moving in and new houses being built. I go in the evenings for two reasons: A. When I come home I exercise, so I use it as a little bit of a warm up for me to get my muscles nice and warm before heading into intense activity. and B. It wears Rory out. Rory gets so tired after the walks that she usually need a little nap so I take her nap time as my time to exercise. If she wasn't worn out she would be completely all over me while I tried to workout and it would not go too well. Walking is fun. I wish more towns in the states were pedestrian friendly. I would walk everywhere.

... so those are five things I'm currently diggin. What are yours?!

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