Memory Monday - The Scream!

My favorite teacher in high school was a pretty big guy. I'm horrible with guessing sizes and weights, but I know he was over six feet tall, and maybe somewhere around 250+(?). He was bald and always wore Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. I had him for multiple classes all four years - he was an English teacher - I had him for three regular English classes, journalism, and my favorite ---- Masterpieces in Literature!

So Masterpieces was the first block of the day and it was a small class of 5 girls. (Side note - all the books he had on his syllabus were written by men so Nettie and I demanded that Mrs. Dalloway be put on the list and some poetry by Sylvia Plath, too.) Our class was pretty lax - it was nice. If you went to Model then you know how it is there. Mr. Rhodus (the teacher) is a very very sarcastic man. And he is always "mean" to people - but it's a teasing mean, you know? If you ask him about me now he'll tell you I was horrible, but he really did love me a whole lot. Anyway, back to the memory. When we were reading Waiting for Godot, Nettie and I (it's always me and Nettums.. hmm) insisted that we go to the auditorium and act out the play instead of reading it. Right before class was supposed to end we came back from the auditorium to the classroom. Nettie, Ashley, and I were seated, Elizabeth was up writing on one of the chalkboards and Kara was a bit behind us and walking through the doorway - all of a sudden multiple things happened at once. Bether turns towards the bookshelf and says something, Kara pulls out stuff from her bag while walking into the room, the bookshelf right beside the doorway falls, and Mr. Rhodus screams. It was: hilarious, scary, heart-attack-inducing. The bookshelf was full of books and luckily Kara had jumped out of the way and only managed to get hit in her legs with books and not the whole bookshelf. Bether goes up to help Kara and sees red stuff everywhere and all over Kara and automatically says "She's bleeding!!" Nettie and I go look and we are like "Oh my God she is bleeding!" And Kara starts to freak out along with all of us thinking that she really is bleeding, only later someone (don't remember who) found a red pen Kara had taken out of her bag as the shelf was falling and got smashed in the chaos so she just had red ink all over her. Mr. Rhodus is like in shock this whole time and after we get most of the rubble outta the way and Kara goes to wash up we all sit down with our hearts beating so fast and I'm just like, "ohmygawd Mr. Rhodus you just screamed like a girl." It was hilarious. It was a great experience and something that all of us in the class talked about the rest of the year - we heard Mr. Rhodus scream like a girl.

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