You know what's awesome?  LUSH.  You know what's even MORE awesome?  Having friends that work at Lush. :)

I'm pretty sure in a previous blog, and definitely in my tumblr, I've talked about how much I love these handmade products.  They are just divine.  Very cool if you're into natural, handmade, better packaging (or lack of packaging, like with one of my favorites - the bar shampoos/conditioners), and vegan things (not all products are vegan but they have a wonderful selection).  Please check Lush out if you haven't already.  I got turned onto Lush awhile ago when I received an amaaaaaazing bath bomb as a gift.  Then I went and bought up some yummy stuff.  BUT - the best things I've received from Lush came just this Christmas...

My lovely friend Cecilia (her tumblr here, or her knitting blog here!) works at Lush in Washington DC and absolutely loves her job there.  For Christmas I received a mishmash of Lush goodness!  Including bath bombs, some body scrub, soap, and my favorite favorite favorite... Helping Hands hand cream!  This stuff is truly amazing.  I've tested a lot of hand creams out and I have extremely dry hands right now. (I wash my hands a lot and use a ridiculous amount of hand sanitizer... I know, I know, creating the "supergerm" or whatever, but I don't like germs.)  This hand cream is amazing.  It moisturizes so very well, doesn't have a horrible smell (like pure shea butter, which I've used and it WORKS, but I'm not a fan of the smell), and it doesn't make your hands feel greasy.  Check it out!

Thank you Miss Cecilia for the products!  And readers, feel free to Ask Cecilia about any products, she's done multiple reviews of products and she's happy to help!  The sweetest girl ever!


  1. I've never tried Lush. Will look into it. :)

  2. Yes yes yes!!!

    I put like, 3 things of Helping Hands in my mom's stocking cuz she loves it sooooo much! Such great hand cream!

  3. that is a must-have product especially this time of year! it's so important to have a lotion that doesn't leave your hands sticky!
    xox alison