new year, new beginning,
new goals, new hope.

* learn to play the guitar.  my parents purchased me a guitar AGES ago and I never learned, I wanted to but was a busybusybusy child/adolescent so never found the time then forgot about it.  now I'm going to learn it because I have the time and I have an excellent teacher.

* cook more meals.  I feel like this is always a goal.  but I'm actually finding enjoyment in cooking more now.  maybe I'm just getting older. 

* be a positive influence on people.  smile at strangers, take time to hold doors and help out, ask "hey, how are ya?" to everyone I pass, be more patient, more kind, more lovely to everyone. 

* learn a few more crafts. this weekend I learned and worked on some beaded crafts so I'm on my way there.  but I hope to learn a few more things too.

* move.  yup, I'm moving.  out of this town, out of this state, out of this life.  scary but fun.  I think I'm kind of in love with my future.  more news on this resolution in the coming weeks.  I hope to have a new zip code before the double digit months - and honestly, it'll probably be A LOT sooner than that.

* fall crazy in love.  this needs no explanation.

cheers to 2011! 
hopefully it's wonderful for everyone!

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  1. Oh wow!! If you move that's just great news!! UGH I hope to move sometime this year, too.

    Cooking is also my resolution. I love Real Simple & Whole Living, as well as my Eat Clean Diet cookbook. There are some meals that even I have no problem making. :)