I need to blog.  I want to blog.  But I've been living in a little dream world comfy nest the past few weeks and so when I come home the last thing I wanna do is spend time editing {my} pictures to put on this thing.  I'm enjoying the time I have now and I will probably talk about it later.  My goal before the NEW YEAR (that's in 3 days... GASP) is to make a Christmas post for all my lovely gifts.  This of course, means I have to unpack all the gifts and put them away, so once I do that I'll take the camera out and snap some photos to share.  I was very spoiled with simple, meaningful, lovely, beautiful, nostalgic items this year - my favorite kinds!

But okay kiddies... if it's all right with you, I've not been this happy in a long time, so I'm just going to continue on my way to my little nest and forget the world - especially the world wide web. I hope you had lovely Christmases and have amazing New Year's. :)


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  1. I'm happy you're happy. :)

    (But I want to see pictures! Haha.)

  2. Sigh. Yes, I know. And I really want to too. But seriously... I haven't turned my computer on at home in many many days. Er, I take that back, I turned it on for my gentleman caller the other day so he could look something up. Tonight I might do a Christmas post because we are going out of town for the new year and I won't be able to then.

    PS - On my TO-DO list today is take out my Diana and film and figure out what I'm doing with it this weekend! :)

  3. Good! I need to finish up the roll in my Diana this weekend, too. It's been sitting around too long.