the little things.

It's the little things in life that make it worth living, right?  Enjoying the little things is something I'm accustomed to.  I take excitement in EVERYTHING.  As someone once commented - "the exclamation mark is usually overused by people that don't mean it - you actually do exclaim every little thing."  When I get a free bagel at Panera I jump up and down.  When Linda shows me a new supply of the blue ink pens I love I clap my hands.  Little things in life make me HAPPY.  I hate it when people scoff at that, but listen... if you have some kind of emotion, why keep it in?  Why not make it big?  And most importantly - allow yourself to be crazy excited over little things.  Smiling is important and if you allow yourself to get really excited over an awesome parking space, a free drink, hand-me-down awesome office supplies, life isn't going to seem as bad.  Trust me.  So get excited!

Here are two little things this week that have made me happy.  The first is something that is actually little.  The second is a little gesture that means a lot. :)

The Curiosity Group is starting a Calendar of the Month DIY paper craft.  If you're like me and like crafting - this is a little something special.  I found out about it from Becky's blog.  January's calendar is a little Yeti with a kitten on top.  How adorable?  I made him the other day.  He's super easy and quick to make!  A fun little paper craft that actually comes in handy if you need a calendar - with modifications if you don't want a calendar or hate the little kitty that sits on top.  I named my yeti Julian {the ginger cat is named Lawrence}.  So you should make your own!  {And don't forget to sign up with the Curiosity Group to get the new calendar paper craft each month.
Julian the yeti {with Lawrence on top!}
My mister is someone super special.  We always have a wonderful time together no matter what we are doing.  The other night we actually just sat on the couch in snuggies crocheting (him) and knitting (me) and it was so fun - we may sound lame, but we like it!  My mister is also someone that is AMAZING at the little things.  Seriously, he is the most thoughtful.  He remembers EVERYTHING, even just small things said in passing and will put that to good use later.  Yesterday I came home from my lunch break to find he had made an elephant out of towels like they do on cruise ships!  It might sound small, but I was over the moon excited.  Elephants are my favorite animal {I doubt you could even count how many you see just in my room alone} and I had mentioned one night over dinner with the mister while he was making fleur-de-lis outta napkins about how on cruise ships they always make towel animals.  He took it upon himself to learn this new towel craft and made me an elephant, sitting waiting for me on the bed when I got home.  Lovely.
luv cruisin' with my mister

{once again, sorry for the crappy quality iPhone pics.  someday I will find the time to actually use my camera again.  it's still full of other pictures waiting to be uploaded and edited.  I'm a bad picture taker girl.}


  1. What a cute calendar & elephant!

    & your gentleman caller crochets?! DOES HE HAVE ANY FLAWS?? Haha. Too perfect.

  2. lol - I'm waiting to find one! I keep telling him that! We have so much in common it's ridiculous.

    He tried to teach me to crochet, but my fingers just felt funny so I gave up for the night and went back to my knitting. I'm determined to really sit down and learn how to crochet some granny squares to make a blanket - but I had a project for a friend that I needed to finish knitting first.

  3. Oh my God, that elephant is gorgeous! And the fact that your boyfriend filed that information away, went and learned how to do it, is even more gorgeous!! SO cute.