thursday thoughts.

  • Thinking of redesigning this here blog. 
  • Convincing myself that redesigning the blog will make me use it more since it won't be so generic.
  • Excited to make some pretty things for the blog considering I have photoshop now (look at me, I'm such a fancypants!)
  • Thinking about how ridiculous it is that someone like me wants/has photoshop (but it was FREE so I jumped at the chance.  I promise I'm not one of those girls that just grabs a camera & puts a picture in a fancy editing program and thinks I'm a PHOTOGRAPHER or GRAPHIC DESIGNER.  I am not.  At all.)
  • When is this epic WINTER STORM supposed to start?  Really, snow?  And REALLY, meteorologists?  Are you lying to me?  I better get snowed in tonight so I can have a 3 day weekend.
  • I can't wait to do my puzzle.  
  • I wish my hair would just grow another 5 inches overnight so I could finally have obnoxiously long hair again.  
  • And then I'll cut off my obnoxiously long hair and look like a different person.
  • My boyfriend is just the bee's knees, I tell ya.  You'd be hard pressed to find another sweeter than he. (Of course, I hope all of you think the same thing about your significant other too!  We can ALL have the greatest man alive!)
  • My latest obsession is watches.  I spend a good amount of time browsing watches online.  Even though I love mine, I want more.  This is stupid.  One hardly needs one watch, let alone 500,000,000
  • I'm ready to go home, get in jammies, and knit the last few feet of the current scarf I'm making while I cuddle and listen to music and sip tea.
  • Mormon blogs fascinate me.  So do Mormons in general.  
end of thoughts for the day.  my mind is now shutting off in 3... 2... 1...........


  1. no need to redesign!
    your blog looks great - really.

    great header.

  2. THANK YOU!!! I'm a huge fan of your blog :)