My New Year weekend was dreamy.  Instead of opting for the big party, drunken celebrations like most - my mister and I headed out of town into the woody hills of southeast Ohio to stay on a farm hidden away from civilization.  And I can say, hands down, it was my most favorite NYE yet.  Our weekend was filled with many fun things.  Hiking around part of the 95 acres - some of the most beautiful scenery that reminds me of my dear Kentucky (since SE OH is technically Appalachia).  Playing card games.  Drinking mimosas and champagne.  Taking pictures (I finished a roll of film on my Diana cam & took ridic amounts with my point&shoot... those pics to come!).  Snuggling by the fire (we set up the mattress by the fire to camp out - lovely).  Huge, amazing, seafood dinners (crab, flounder, shrimp, oh my! ... and the hushpuppies!) Sitting out on the back deck, listening to the mister play the guitar, watching all the wonderful wildlife.  Looking up at a huge dark sky with so many stars (more stars than I've seen in memory... it helps being so far away from big cities in the middle of nowhere... it was truly breathtaking seeing all those stars and the milky way.  how small we are!).  Taking a day trip into Columbus to hit up my favorite bookstore The Book Loft and then hopping over to Easton (a place I often refer to as the "Disney World of shopping") for the evening for some shopping and food.  And mainly just enjoying each other's company and enjoying nature and getting away from our busy, crazy lives.  It was super lovely.  And the roadtrip part of the weekend was wonderful too.  Basically - too amazing for words.

Below is the only picture I have right now to share.  Sorry for the poor iPhone cam quality.  I'll have a photo-dump picture post soon once I've finished uploading and editing my pictures and have developed my film.  
view from back deck of main house,
overlooking 1 of the 2 ponds & the little cabin.

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