my wknd.

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So my weekend was pretty low key.  But lovely.  I had an awesome lunch with a dear friend -- so lovely to catch up over falafels.  Friday night mister & I built a fort in the living room -- we even moved my huge mattress in the middle of it.  We rented the first season of the tv show Community and cuddled up in the fort and laughed.  (Annie is my favorite character so far! Though I've not seen all the episodes.)  Sunday night we of course watched The Academy Awards -- kinda blah as far as the Oscars go, but still okay.  Mila Kunis gets my award for best dressed!  As far as our music went - I came home from work to see my pre-ordered The Valley package in!  I think we listened to the album no less than 5 times straight through on Friday night while we talked and snuggled - it's my favorite Eisley album maybe!  Saturday mister finally purchased The King of Limbs for digital download (he's been so excited about it for awhile now) and we listened to it while we played games that night.  He seems a bit disappointed in it (he's a HUGE Radiohead fan). I liked the last half of the album alright, but I really am looking forward to listening to it when I'm not distracted by game playing so maybe I can soak it in a bit better.  I like Radiohead but don't really consider myself a big fan, so I feel like my opinion on the album doesn't really matter.   We went to The Peddler's Mall with my mama on Saturday for a bit (the only thing we purchased was 1$ & for my dog... ha!) which is always an interesting experience.  Sunday night we took down our megafort and then were so sad by the sight of the regular old living room that we built a mini-fort with the sofa & loveseat and made a bed in that for Oscar viewing.  In other news - my parents love my man more than me I'm afraid (ha!) and only ever want to talk about him... their next long weekend mini-vacay is going to be to his neck of the woods - they're excited, he's excited, I'm excited -- I've made a good choice with that mister, I tell ya.  I know I sound like a broken record, but he's just the greatest thing in existence.

[I apologize for the jumbled, single-paragraph format of this entry.  It's Monday night.  It's rainy & gross outside.  And I'm sleepy.  Hopefully you can make sense of summa that up there.]

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  1. Ugh I need to build a fort. Too cute.

    Also, I tried falafel for the first time last weekend. Yum.